Screen Capture Tools

Screen Capture Tool

Screen Capture Software with an elegant way to annotate, edit and organize your screenshots

Features of the Screen Capture Tool

Anrpro Screen Capture Tool is designed to capture, edit and organize screenshots. So the functionality of this screen capture tool is accordingly divided into Screen Capture, Image Editing and File Organization.

1. Screen Capture

Screen capture modes

The three buttons on the main screen are meant for taking different types of screen capture - Full-screen capture, capturing a rectangular region of screen and capturing a specific window of running applications. In order to allow capturing of expanded menus, dropdown list values and similar scenarios, you'll have to take delayed screen capture. This can be done using the dropdown list just below the buttons. Capturing of screen can be delayed by upto 30 seconds.

2. Edit & Annotate Screenshots

Annotate Screenshots

Anrpro screen capture utility has a built-in editor with various tools for customizing captured images. New screen captures gets loaded directly into the editor and the previously saved ones have to be loaded from the main screen listing. The following edit operations are available for modifying them.

  • Draw shapes - Ellipse, Rectangle and Line. Their settings such as border width, color, fill color and fill transparency can be chosen from the displayed options below the toolbar.
  • Marker and free-hand pen allows highlighting of specific regions.
  • Text can be added in various color, size, fonts and with background fill-colors to captured pictures.
  • Copy and Paste can be used to move image data from and to the clipboard.
  • Blurring tool can be used to obscure sensitive information.
  • Resize is used to modify image size and Crop used for trimming out unwanted portions from screen captures.

3. Organize Screen Captured Images

Organize Screenshots

The listing on the left side of main window allows access to screen capture images using expand or collapse type of navigation. Screenshots are organized into folders. Folders and images can be renamed if required. If at screen capture the selected folder is the root folder, then a new folder is created containing the captured image, otherwise the screenshot gets added to an existing folder that is currenty selected. This allows easy grouping of screenshots for later usage and reference.

The context menu provides access to Copy, Paste and Save As functionality. Individual picture data can be copied to clipboard or saved in various formats like .bmp, .jpg, .png and .gif. In this screen capture software, folder contents can be exported or imported in supported formats to or from folders outside the application.

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