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Screen Capture Tool

Screen Capture Software with an elegant way to annotate, edit and organize your screenshots

How to Edit and Annotate Images

When a screenshot is taken, the newly captured image always gets directly loaded into the editor. In case of older screenshot, double clicking on it from main listing or selecting it and clicking on edit icon would load it into the editor. The image editor has a number of tools to edit and annotate these screenshots.

Screen Capture Tool Editor

1. Resize
Screenshot Resize
Used to resize the image or the canvas.

2. Crop
Used to trim out portion of screenshots.

3. Blur
Selected portions of the screenshots can be blurred to obscure sensitive information.

4. Delete
Deletes selected portions of screenshot.

5. Copy
Copies the selected image data to clipboard.

6. Paste
Pastes image data from clipboard onto the screenshot.

7. Pen
It is a free hand drawing tool. Select the appropriate color and pen width before drawing.

8. Text
Useful for annotating the screenshots. This tool can be configured to have desired fonts, size, color, fill-color and border-width.

Annotation of screenshots

9. Rect
Draws rectangles of different pen sizes and fill-colors.

10. Line (Arrow)
Used to draw lines and arrows on the screenshot.

11. Ellipse
Draws ellipse of different pen sizes and fill-colors.

12. Marker
Marker is useful for highlighting portions of screen with different colors. Works best with light colors.

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